We all know the benefits of meditation. So why is it sometimes hard to get ourselves to the cushion?

One reason is that we believe that meditation has to look a certain way. We follow a protocol we learned years ago, or we assume that we need to have a perfectly still mind. But the true secret of meditation is feeling. If you can kindle a meditative rasa—a juicy feeling in your practice--then your practice becomes something you look forward to every day.

This class will approach meditation as a creative act, which each of us curates according to our temperament, and which we eventually find ourselves doing because we love it.

We’ll work with several different meditation and meditation-related practices, including mantra, visualization, story, and inquiry, as well as several ways of practicing with the mind.

The class will include discussion as well as some partner work.

You’ll come away with:

—a deeper understanding of what makes your practice pleasurable

—practices for enhancing your daily sits

—methods for taming and expanding the mind

—a tantric vision of mantra practice

Course Curriculum

  Creative Meditation with Sally Kempton talk
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About Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton teaches at the cutting edge of traditional tantra and contemporary insight. With over 45 years of study and teaching behind her, she brings transformative wisdom and dynamism to every encounter. She is the author of Awakening Shakti and Meditation for the Love of It, and is on the faculty at Kripalu, Esalen and other conference centers.