Equinox is a time of balance in the cosmic cycles. It's also an ideal time to cultivate your own higher wisdom. When day and night are balanced, our minds and hearts can come into equilibrium, and we can ask for and receive divine revelation.

In this free two hour workshop and practice, we’ll discover how the heart can stay open even in times of difficulty. We’ll meditate in the heart, and practice a powerful series of techniques for hearing the inner voice of the higher self—asking questions, receiving answers, and learning the difference between true revelation and the voices of your conditioned mind.

Join us to discover how inner balance, and the cultivation of the heart, can attune you to a level of knowing that can guide you always.

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  Equinox Talk
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About Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton teaches at the cutting edge of traditional tantra and contemporary insight. With over 45 years of study and teaching behind her, she brings transformative wisdom and dynamism to every encounter. She is the author of Awakening Shakti and Meditation for the Love of It, and is on the faculty at Kripalu, Esalen and other conference centers.