An Evolutionary Journey to Awaken the Leader Within

How do we stay awake and continue to help others awaken, when it seems everything is falling apart? How do we lead when we have no leaders to follow and may have been misled ourselves? Where is the map that helps us navigate through all this uncertainty?

The failure of leadership as we have known it to be, is begging for a new kind of leadership. It is asking the common people to awaken their own leadership. But that leadership may look quite different from the dominant white male telling other people what to do, while their followers blindly obey.

That leadership may be less about knowing what to do than about knowing how to be. It may be less about dominance and control than about connection and guidance. It may be less about problem solving than the creation of whole new systems for the awakening that humanity’s pain is aching for.

In these trying times, it is not enough to merely heal our own wounds, perfect our postures on our mats, and sit in detached meditation, as important as those things are. For the overarching purpose to all that healing and self-improvement is to be the best agents we can be in humanity’s evolution, to awaken the evolutionary leader within.

In this all-new course, Anodea Judith uses the holistic map of the chakra system to chart the next step toward collective awakening – the meeting point of personal growth and collective leadership.

After a kick-off session on the global picture to set the frame for the whole course, seven 90-minute sessions will take you through a step-by-step plan for fortifying yourself for the journey ahead and awakening the leader within.

You will gain practices to support you and to share with others, to give you the skills and courage to be an enlightened evolutionary leader.

This course is for people who have already been working on themselves and are now wanting to go to the next level. It is for people who are wondering what to do, how to serve, and where to help.

If you are only here for your own needs, this course is not for you. If you want to live a life that is in service to something larger than yourself, then heed the call to awaken the leader within, and you will serve humanity and yourself as well.

Overview of the sessions

As the course is happening now, you can register on our Website to have access to the live sessions. Thank you! We will add every week the new session in this course.

Kick-off Session: What on Earth is Going On? Understanding the Bigger Picture

The challenges that face us as a species are easier to bear when understood within the concept of larger historical cycles and archetypal meanings. This module looks at our current challenges as evolutionary drivers in humanity’s rite of passage from its current adolescent state of hyper-individualism, entitlement, and freedom, to its future adulthood of interconnectedness, collaboration, and responsibility. Seeing this as an initiation helps you better prepare, both as an initiate yourself and as a future leader and initiator of others.

  • History and our time of unraveling: understanding the rise and fall of cycles
  • The global initiation and how to survive it
  • Entering the chrysalis of transformation and making the most of it
  • Shifting from Power to Love
  • Becoming an Evolutionary Warrior
  • Waking the Global Heart

Session One: Fortifying Yourself for the Challenges Ahead (chakra one)

October 8th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

An awakened leader has a solid ground of self-care in order to keep themselves strong for the journey. Learn practices to help you fortify and sustain yourself through connection with the earth, dynamic grounding practices, and a foundation of integrity.

  • Establishing a refuge of renewal and protection
  • Proper grounding: using the resistance of matter to energize and fortify
  • Developing stealth with your health and wealth
  • Building a foundation of integrity
  • Eco-consciousness and the triple bottom line

Session Two: Feeling Your Way (chakra two)

October 15th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

Emotions are a powerful realm of connection and trust. An evolutionary leader is emotionally connected to themselves and others. They pay attention to the feeling realm and allow themselves to be vulnerable without appearing weak. It’s also important to acknowledge people’s need for pleasing the senses, whether in the décor of the work environment, the balance of seriousness and play, and your own capacity for joy and passion.

  • Feeling what’s real within and around you
  • Connecting with empathy to the feelings of others
  • Leading with vulnerability
  • Finding your passion
  • Cultivating joy and fun in difficult times

Session Three: Taking Your Power and Empowering Others (chakra 3)

October 22nd 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

Holding power in a way that empowers others is the essence of awakened leadership. Here we will move through blocks to taking your power, yet balance that power through the possibility you are holding rather than coming from your ego. We will also examine the inherent power imbalances that occur through racism, sexism, agism, and other institutionalized biases. You will then claim an archetype of leadership that fits your innate style.

  • Ego vs possibility: where do you come from?
  • Stepping out of the small self to play a bigger game
  • Power with vs power over
  • Dynamics of power in racism and sexism
  • Finding your leadership archetype

Session Four; Leading to and from the Heart (chakra 4)

October 29th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

Module one talks about how society is moving toward an organizing principle more ruled by love than by power. But how do we take that into action? How do we keep our hearts open as leaders, yet not get pulled off course by everyone’s needs? How do we inspire others to be in their hearts, and foster collaboration rather than competition? And finally how do we utilize the value of networks to achieve more through group coordination than we ever could alone?

  • Balancing compassion, service and self-care
  • Harnessing the power of We
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Asking for help
  • From a chain of command to a web of connection: establishing and using networks

Session Five: Speaking Truth to Power (chakra 5)

November 5th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

Good communication is essential for any effective leader, whether it’s a one on one conversation, a committee meeting, or public speaking. What is your essential message and how do you get that message out there where it needs to be heard? Move through your blocks to become an effective speaker, writer, advertiser, or inspired leader.

  • Finding your authentic voice
  • The power of good listening
  • Meming and streaming your message
  • Becoming Radio-active and media savvy
  • Communication for action vs. communication for connection

Session Six: Living Your Vision (chakra 6)

November 12th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

When shooting an arrow toward a target, you have to keep your eye on the goal. But that goal only exists in your imagination. Still, it is essential keep your gaze fixed uponyour desired outcome, yet allow adjustments, as circumstances change or new information arises. It is also essential to help others “see” your vision as a living possibility that inspires them.

  • Visioneering as a daily practice
  • Finding inspiration from others
  • Paint your vision; the visual world of Youtube, Zoom and powerpoints
  • Be the change you wish to see

Session Seven: Leading with Grace (chakra 7)

November 19th 4.30pm - 6pm PDT

An evolutionary leader works with intelligence beyond themselves. They also know how to harness the intelligence of those around them, and draw forth intelligent inquiry from those they teach. Learn practices that help you connect with the sacred, and bring that higher intelligence into everything you do.

  • Returning to the sacred
  • Practices for courting divine assistance
  • Living in the question
  • Educare: to draw forth
  • Living in Grace

This course will not only give you information and a toolbox of practical exercises, but also connect you with others on a similar path.

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Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a master manifestor and spiritual teacher whose books and workshops are followed throughout the world. She is the author of 9 books on chakras, psychology, yoga, social change, and manifestation, which have been translated into 28 languages, and her workshops have reached 163 countries.

As a yoga teacher and body-oriented psychotherapist with trauma specialization, her work is a unique combination of techniques useful to yogis, therapists, coaches, and those on their own healing journey.

She is the founder and director of the teaching organization, Sacred Centers. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Mind-Body Health, with advanced yoga certifications. She is also a member of the Evolutionary Leadership Council. Her workshops are experiential and transformational.