The psoas muscle has long been recognized as central to our posture and movement, and a source of back and hip pain. Yet the muscle is so deep, and involved in so much of our movement, including the breath, that there are a number of ideas, theories, and opinions about exactly what it is that the psoas ‘does’ — beyond its two most obvious functions.

What are the effects of a tight psoas? How do we ‘release’ the psoas? Why is there more involved than just stretching?

In this webinar, Doug will explain and illustrate the psoas and the main ideas about it, the role it plays in the functioning of our low back and hips as well as our emotional life, and sort out the lessons we can take into our yoga practice.

We’ll come to understand the variety of problems created by a ‘tight’ psoas, and how nearly all of the asanas of yoga address the psoas in different ways — with a few of the main postures being the key. This will give us principles for practice.

There will be special emphasis on how we can practice the asanas more deeply, effectively, and beneficially when we include awareness of the psoas in asana and breath.

We invite you to join us for this informative and transformative exploration!


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Doug Keller

Doug Keller’s background reflects a lifelong commitment to studying, imbibing and sharing the vast field of knowledge and practice known as yoga.

His further expansion in learning is reflected in his latest and most in-depth work, ‘Yoga as Therapy,’ which is truly one of the most comprehensive, innovative and useful treatments of the structural aspect of yoga therapy available. And for three years he was a regular columnist for Yoga+ Magazine (formerly Yoga International, published by the Himalayan Institute), writing the ‘Asana Solutions’ column that addresses specific therapeutic problems. He is at the highest level of certification with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.Doug is also a ‘distinguished professor’ on the teaching faculty at the Master’s Degree program in Yoga Therapy at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, a state-approved institution of higher learning.

Doug’s teaching is rooted in a vast and inclusive perspective of study and practice that honors the insights of the many streams of wisdom that flow into the river of yoga.