Deane Juhan eloquently brings alive and makes accessible and intriguing the subjects of anatomy and physiology. These workshops allow us to develop new images and new language in order to more deeply understand the anatomical, physiological, and philosophical aspects of the body-mind.

These workshops are designed to address the particular needs and concerns of bodyworkers of all kinds: yoga teachers and students, pilates and movement instructors and students, and any one interested in understanding more about the body.

The Shoulder Girdle - The musculature that empowers our arms is a very extensive group of synergistic muscles, extending from the skull to the pelvic girdle both posteriorly and anteriorly. It is a full “jacket” that encompasses our entire torso with attachments to every vertebra, the entire rib cage and the muscle of the abdomen. Its freedom of movement is central to our existence and creativity in many ways.

• How is the free movement of the scapula essential for the arms’ range of movement?

• How do restrictive muscular patterns in the shoulders compromise our breath and the health of our whole organism?

• How does the shoulder girdle effect our posture, from feet to head?

• How are asanas designed to lengthen, strengthen and re-organize this shoulder girdle “jacket?”

This is a 2.5-hour Lecture

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  The Shoulder Girdle
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Deane Juhan

Originally trained in-residence at Esalen Institute from 1973 to 1990, Deane Juhan has been a professional bodyworker for 30 years. He is a Trager practitioner and instructor, with a private practice in the Berkeley area. The author of "Job's Body: A Handbook for bodywork," and "Touched by the Goddess: The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Bodywork," he has long had a passion for understanding the relations between mind, body and spirit and the creative forces at work in all self-development, healing and artistic expression. His workshops have been presented all across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Their content is focused on both cutting edge research into many aspects of the body-mind and his years of experience as a practitioner.

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