Spring growth is full of inspiration and vigor, but it can also be challenging to adjust to all the internal and external changes. In this class, we focus on twists to wring out the internal organs and give them fresh blood and energy when we untwist, and also on opening the side body, where the gall bladder meridian runs. In good health, the gall bladder gives us courage, fortitude, and the ability to creatively problem solve, but it can get blocked by too much stress and/or fatty food. Class begins with some brief writing prompts, and then shifts into warming up the spine and breath in preparation for twists. Briefly held poses include cat-cow, downward dog, and staff (dandasana). Long-held poses include child's pose and variations, supported janu sirsasana, and various twists to access different areas of the spine and wring out different organs. We conclude with happy baby and savasana.

Please have paper and a pen ready, a Yoga mat, and if you have one or two Yoga blocks and/or folded up blankets, those may be handy for some poses. Work-arounds are offered for anyone who is without props.

Energetically, the best way to stimulate activity (Yang) is by taking rest and receptivity (Yin) to its extreme. After class, you'll find yourself not only calm and rejuvenated, but also alert and agile in mind and body, ready to take on not only the day, but the whole month ahead.

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  Yin Yoga Mini Retreat
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Rae Diamond

Rae Diamond is a Qigong, Yoga and meditation teacher, mentor, and artist, who works with the creative intelligence of nature. In private sessions and classes, Rae supports personal growth through compassionate awareness, innovative perspectives, and mind-body-spirit integration.

Rae teaches practices from various Qigong traditions, including Wild Goose, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Five Animal Frolics, Primordial, Bone Marrow Washing, and Yijing Medical Qigong. Her teaching style is gentle, contemplative, fun, at times zany, and yet also therapeutic, with strong emphasis on proper physical alignment, energy flow, and on mind-breath-body coordination.

Over twenty years of devoted practice and inquiry are at the heart of her work. Rae's training includes several years of study with Medical Qigong master, Dr. Bingkun Hu, a 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training, Yin Yoga training, four years of private apprenticeship with a shaman, and a Reiki mastership. Her work is also informed by over two decades of research and practice with the Chinese Medicine system, meditation, herbs, psychology, physiology, voice, breath, Yoga, and Buddhist and Taoist philosophies.