Hip Mobility + Stability for Happy Back, Hips and Knees with Suzanne Zuber

Learn how to stabilize and lengthen your hip muscles 360, to prevent back pain, SI joint pain, and knee deterioration. You will come away ‘owning’ a wide selection of backbends, forward folds, split legged positions and cross-legged positions for your individual body and practice.

Goal: Dissolving the barrier of weak, tight and imbalanced hip muscles that can result in lower back pain, SI joint pain, adding increased wear and tear to your knees and feet. In Asana this manifests in limited, painful backbends, forward folds, ‘gnarly' transitions, and impossible cross-legged poses.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Zuber (E-RYT 500), European-American yogini and international yoga instructor, has been fortunate to study in-depth asana, anatomy, therapeutics, and the various Yogic traditions and philosophies with world-renowned Hatha and Vinyasa teachers.

Suzanne’s passion for teaching comes from direct experience: a belief that yoga can turn your life around as you reconnect to your innate physical and mental freedom. Suzanne’s yoga journey began over a decade ago as a stressed-out, pained young mother and museum professional, in a German Ashtanga studio. Here, she found the gracefulness she was missing from her years of dancing Ballet; yet what intrigued her most was the peace she experienced in the practice. In California, Suzanne encountered Anusara Yoga, whose alignment-based and heart-centered method helped her overcome chronic pain and reframe her approach to life’s ups and downs.

Yoga classes with Suzanne are upbeat and humorous, challenging and reflective. She likes to interweave ancient myths (with a grain of salt), tapping into timeless universal truths as we explore asanas, pranayama, and meditation on the mat. Suzanne is happiest when her students come out of her class feeling balanced and energized, strong to the core, and well-aligned in body, mind, and spirit.